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Our Story

The Queen's Pub

Quinn's The Irish Tavern has undergone a transformation and rebranded as The Queen's Pub to provide a unique and enhanced experience for its patrons. This change signifies a shift beyond being just a bar, with a renewed focus on its menu, atmosphere, and appeal to a wider audience. The name "The Queen's Pub" pays tribute to the late Queen Elizabeth II and holds sentimental value for our loyal customers. Dubbed “Queen’s” by our regulars, we are a community where people connect, network, and enjoy social gatherings while offering a diverse and exciting food and drinks menu to keep patrons coming back for more.


Queen's offers a unique experience where patrons can enjoy both people-watching and spotting luxury supercars. Nestled in an outdoor area, the pub provides front-row seats to an impressive showcase of prestigious vehicles, including McLaren, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Rolls-Royce, Porsche, Maserati, Bentley, and more. This adds an exclusive and exciting element to the pub's atmosphere, inviting supercar enthusiasts and discerning individuals to appreciate the fusion of exquisite automobiles and exceptional hospitality.


Events at The Queen's Pub

We are the ideal venue perfectly suited for both private and corporate events. Our offerings include thoughtfully crafted packages and the option to create a bespoke event that is tailor made for you.

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